The Mini Intelligent Farm for sustainable food

Thanks to its advanced technology, ProtiBox makes it possible to produce high-quality animal proteins from food by-products, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping to preserve the environment.

Our vision

We believe that sustainable solutions are those that use available resources responsibly and intelligently. That's why we created ProtiBox, an automated mini-farm that uses insects to bioconvert food by-products into a sustainable source of protein for animals.

Our vision is to revolutionize food production by offering an environmentally friendly and economically viable solution for farmers, while contributing to the reduction of organic residues. At ProtiBox, we believe in the circular economy and in creating a more sustainable future through the responsible use of resources.

Who we are

We build self-sufficient, responsible insect farms

We believe in a circular and responsible approach to meeting our society's growing food needs. With our mini smart farm, we offer a turnkey solution for raising nutritious insects using food co-products as a food source.

Technology in the service of agriculture, for a responsible future

Thanks to ProtiBox technology, our mini-farm enables closed-circuit production, with an efficient bioconversion system that transforms feed by-products into high-quality food for our insects. Thanks to full automation, ProtiBox ensures feeding and control operations without human intervention.

Autonomous farms to be deployed by 2025
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automated breeding tasks
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Tons of CO2 saved
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How does Protibox work?

ProtiBox transforms plant by-products into quality ingredients for animal feed, thanks to the power of insects.


Juvenile deposition

We deposit the eggs at the start of each breeding cycle in the ProtiBox mini farm.

Automated processing

ProtiBox transforms plant by-products into food for larvae using a robotized system.

Power supply and monitoring

Our AI supervises feeding and detects any anomalies to ensure proper larval growth.


At the end of the cycle, we recover the larvae and droppings and transform them into products for animal and plant feed.

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