Launch of the "Commitment to reduce food waste" label

For several years now, the fight against food waste has been a major issue in our society. Today, a new measure has been introduced to encourage retailers to adopt an anti-food waste policy for a circular economy. So what is the anti-food waste label? Why has this label been introduced? How to obtain the anti-food-waste label?

What is the anti-waste label?

The "Anti-food waste" label was launched on March 1, 2023 at the International Agricultural Show. Its aim is to reward chains that commit to reducing food waste and limiting losses of fresh produce through their efforts to raise awareness and train staff.

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Why was an anti-food waste label created?

For several years now, the fight against food waste has been a major issue in our society. Every year, millions of tonnes of food are thrown away. France's target is to halve food waste by 2025.

Who can benefit from the anti-food waste label?

All players in the food chain can apply for the label if they manage to significantly reduce their food waste. The label applies in particular to distributors such as supermarkets, wholesalers and food retailers, but also to the agri-food industry and the catering sector. The national label is therefore open to all players in the food chain who are committed to fighting food waste.

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How to obtain the anti-waste label?

To obtain this label, retailers must meet a certain number of criteria and commitments, such as implementing stock management methods to limit losses, providing bins to collect unsold food, redistributing food to charities, raising staff and customer awareness, and regularly monitoring their actions.
The logo has one to three stars depending on the level of commitment and success, enabling consumers to choose a committed store.

In conclusion, the "anti-food wastage" label encourages retailers to adopt a responsible policy for managing unsold goods, encouraging their redistribution and reinforcing the brand image of committed retailers.

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