An automated mini-farm for insect breeding

We have developed a patented technology to transform plant by-products into high-quality feed for livestock and fertilizer for soils.

ProtiBox saves :

of plant biomass per year
0 tons
of CO2 per year
0 tons
of arable land
0 hectares
liters of water
0 millions
ProtiBox transforms plant by-products into feed for farm animals thanks to the power of insects

How does it work?

ProtiBox transforms plant by-products into quality ingredients for animal feed, thanks to the power of insects.


Juvenile deposition

We deposit the eggs at the start of each breeding cycle in the ProtiBox mini farm.

Automated processing

ProtiBox transforms plant by-products into food for larvae using a robotized system.

Power supply and monitoring

Our AI supervises feeding and detects any anomalies to ensure proper larval growth.


At the end of the cycle, we recover the larvae and droppings and transform them into products for animal and plant feed.

Mature female farmer picking up fresh eggs in henhouse garden - Farm people lifestyle concept
"We offer a turnkey solution for farmers! Whether you're a manufacturer or a farmer, ProtiBox is the solution to combat food waste and play an active part in the transition to more sustainable food production.